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Dott & Crossitt are leaders in conveyancing and property law.

Dott & Crossitt combines leading conveyancers and property lawyers under one roof, with a 100 per cent focus on conveyancing. This makes our team highly specialised, and a stand out at what we do.

There are no names on the door here. Dott & Crossitt aren’t people, but an ethos of how we work side by side with our clients.

Our experienced conveyancers and lawyers work side by side to ensure when you’re buying or selling, everything runs as it should.

Generally, we operate on a fixed fee model. We let you know what you can expect to pay up front to ensure there are no surprises along the way.

We have asked our customers what they think of us so you know what to expect. If you did speak to them, they would use words like lightning fast, smooth process, uncomplicated, experts, professional, trustworthy and efficient.

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What we do

At Dott & Crossitt, we do exactly what we commit to. We dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

Conveyancing uncomplicated

Conveyancing uncomplicated

We believe the law should be accessible to everyone — less about complicated jargon and more about straightforward answers. This ethos underpins everything we do, to ensure that you are well informed throughout the process and not overwhelmed by complicated terminology and processes. We are in the details so you don’t have to be.

Conveyancers backed by lawyers

Conveyancers backed by lawyers

At Dott & Crossitt, there are both conveyancers and lawyers working here to support your transaction. Our collaborative team of experienced conveyancers work side by side with solicitors to ensure when buying or selling everything runs smoothly. And if issues do arise, we have the legal backing to resolve whatever comes up.

Team-based and proactive

Team-based and proactive

Our team-based mindset means that we are proactive in how we communicate, can anticipate issues before they arise and are an advocate in your corner in what can typically be a stressful time. We make things simpler and smoother, and are always on the front foot.

Trustworthy, with no surprises

Trustworthy, with no surprises

Trust is an important part of any relationship, and buying and selling a home should have that same inherent thread. When you work with us, there are no surprises, we ensure you know what you need to and take care of everything else behind the scenes. You can trust we will do what we say we will.

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